Zoe and Dan

Kate Lowe Photography

Kate Lowe Photography

I love sharing weddings that I have been fortunate to work with some lovely people. It takes a lot of talented creatives to make the perfect wedding and no doubt they all deserve the credit they get!

Being a bridal makeup artist means that I not only get to be part of the anticipation, nerves, excitement and joy of the wedding morning, but I also get to work with a wonderful team of people, all working hard to make the day as special as it can be for the Bride and Groom. It's always an absolute pleasure, especially when I get a heartfelt review post wedding!

Dan and Zoe got married on Saturday April 21st on the beautiful grounds of Pendrell Hall. The weather was lovely, the Bridesmaids were all such a joy and the whole morning was calm and relaxed with a lot of laughs and champagne popping! This was the biggest bridal party to date that I have done single handily with 5 Bridesmaids, the Bride, one Mother and one Mother in Law all in about 5 hours! Despite being super busy, everything worked out perfect and you only have to see the pictures to see how much fun everyone had.

Thanks to Kate for letting me share so many lovely pictures of the day. She's super talented so If you like her style visit her website