The Beauty Of Being Natural


I hear it every time I get a new client, that they have had a bad experience with a makeup artist who can't wait to through every product on them in one go! Not all of us are like that, thankfully it's never been my style. 

There's a quote by Bobbi Brown which rings really true and will forever be something which I resonate with and help my clients to understand

How I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Feeling confident, being comfortable in your own skin – that’s what really makes you beautiful.’ - Bobbi Brown

Everyone wants to feel like themselves on their big day and being a Bridal Makeup Artist I can help demonstrate that you don't even necessarily need to wear foundation if you don't want to. It's all about your own comfort zones and what makes YOU feel confident, nothing else matters!

So, how can I as a Bridal Makeup Artist help? Well I have been doing this for years for a start! Through my counter work at Bobbi Brown and my own freelance work I have met so many different and unique women, all skin tones, textures, ages, races, you name it, I have worked with them... and we all have a common goal, to feel good about ourselves, for ourselves. Some of the crazy insecurities I have heard about flaws that women have which no one else notices apart from themselves is sometimes heartbreaking, however I have been there too and struggle with my own so completely get it! Over the years though and as my thirties roll on (a bit too quickly, mind) I think it's easier to stop sweating the small stuff. Makeup isn't rocket science, it's a tool to help enhance the areas we are proud of, be it our eyes, our lips, our hair.. whatever it is! Sometimes clients are SHOCKED when I comment on how good their skin is, or how perfect their eye shape is for a wing liner or what awesome lips they have because they just don't see themselves in that way. As a Bridal Makeup Artist I love making people feel good about themselves. It comes from a genuine space and I never just say things for the sake of it. If i say it, i truly mean it!

If you need convincing, then I suggest you book a trial in with me! You will see how I can help and make you feel fabulous without feeling like you are actually even wearing any makeup. I also throw in various tips and tricks for everyday makeup too because, well, why not!