Lin and Matt

I first met Lin when she was one of the Bridesmaids for Zoe Kirk’s wedding - one of my clients from March 2018. They were the most fun bunch of girls to work with so I was super excited to see them again for Lin’s wedding! What also made the day special is that we discovered at Zoe’s wedding that Lin’s husband to be was an old friend of mine from my recruitment days, what a small world!

I absolutely LOVED this wedding. Not only was it a winter wedding which is one of my favourite times of the year but it was the best themed wedding ever! Lin absolutely nailed the 1950’s theme whilst keeping it completely classy and unique. The Bridesmaids were all in Black which truly made it original. The makeup itself was also different from the “norm” as Lin was very specific that she wanted a bold red lip and a winged liner. Lin was a perfect example of a bride who completely understood that she wanted and as she wore a wing liner on a daily basis she wanted to have one on her wedding day because it was going to make her feel like herself. This is something which I mention to all of my brides as if there is something you do with your own makeup which you wouldn’t have without on your wedding day then absolutely do it! Lin wore a stunning dress by Jenny Packham and she looked a vision!

I love all of my weddings because they are all truly unique but I do have to say, this was in my top 3 favourites from last year for sure. The venue Iscoyd Park was a perfect backdrop to her theme and they were incredibly lucky to have perfect weather too!

Photography - Novel Focus Photography

Venue - Iscoyd Park

Katherine and Paul

I LOVED the wedding morning for Katherine and Paul, she got ready at her parents house which not only meant it was sentimental to her but it was a calm and relaxed atmosphere. I met Katherine and her Mother a while back when I was working at Bobbi Brown so we had regular contact for a while before her wedding day. Like a lot of brides, Katherine was unsure if she wanted or needed a makeup artist so i invested a lot of time speaking to her about it and she decided to go ahead. What I love about my job, is that I get to meet some lovely women and Katherine was no different, in fact we found out we both have an obsessions for cats (and other animals) both have the exact same sense of humour and are both equally as crazy, so much so that a lovely friendship has come out of it and we still talk very regularly. I couldn’t not share some photos of her wedding day as not only is she one of my 45 Brides from last year, she is also a friend!

Photography by J S Coates

Jo and Andrew

Jo and Andrew’s wedding was back in July however as I come to the end of the major wedding season I am reflecting on some of my favourites so here’s a little about their wedding! Firstly, I have to say that Jo is one of the nicest ladies ever! We instantly got on from the word go when we met at her trial a few months earlier, She was a dream to work with from the start but most importantly she has the best dog ever called Max who I instantly became best friends with (yes, I know… i’m slightly crazy)

The Wedding was set at the lovely Mythe Barn and I did the makeup for her two bridesmaids and her lovely mum and it’s safe to say it was a fabulous morning with lots of laughter and fun. Luckily the weather held up despite a gloomy start and they decided to have the ceremony outside which was just perfect for the lovely summers day it ended up being. The photography was courtesy of Simon Brettell who is a wonderful photographer and someone who I highly recommend.

Jo’s Testimonial

"Harper was my makeup artist for my wedding on 2nd June 2018. She did the make up for myself, my two bridesmaids and my mum. After being let down by another make up artist, I feel like it was a blessing in disguise as she was so professional and lovely!

Before booking, Harper answered all my questions and we had a really useful trial where she made notes and trialled different options, always asking for my feedback. I don't wear much make up at all, so I didn't want to feel I was drowning in it, but also wanted to feel 'pretty' and look good for photos (of course!) and Harper totally nailed this! I absolutely love my make up in all my pictures - I wish I could have had it on longer! Having said that - it didn't budge throughout the day (which was warm!), including the Ceilidh dancing!

What made it even better was that Harper was super friendly, lovely and fun, and all of us had a really great morning. She was unflappable, knew which order to make us up and we were all ready in perfect time. Oh and of course she is an animal lover, so took so well to my (really large) dog when she came to my home for the trial <3

Thank you Harper - I hope there is another event or party in future where I can get my makeup done by you again :) xxx"

Harper Neer
It's Autumn!

So, here it is, my absolutely favourite time of the year! Leaves turning colour, it’s starting to get chilly, coats are everywhere, pumpkins are being stocked in supermarkets and it’s finally okay to start purchasing scented winter candles and stay in every weekend. It’s also the month of my birthday which is a mix bag of emotions because of course that means another year older BUT it’s great to reflect on the year that’s just passed and how much things have changed for the better!

This is a magical time to have a wedding and between me and you, for me it’s the PERFECT time. To mark my love for this time of year, click on the button below and have a look at my autumn wedding inspired pinterest board to help you gather ideas for your big day.


It's official! Rock My Wedding Supplier

It's official! I have been selected to be a supplier for Rock My Wedding, but what does that mean  to you i hear you ask?! Not only are they one of the biggest and most trusted suppliers for the wedding industry but also incredibly selective as to who they chose to be a supplier. It's a massive compliment for me to use their badge on my website as they only have 32 makeup artists nationwide so you can book with complete confidence! Thanks Rock My Wedding for selecting me to be a part of your trusted team ;)

Harper Neer
Alicia and Collin

I loved everything about this wedding, not only was the setting in the beautiful Malvern Hills where Alicia’s family home is but the whole feel of the wedding was rustic countryside with beautiful flowers literally everywhere. I visited Alicia a few months previously where her and her lovely mum were busy planting in the hope that they would bloom on the day of the wedding! 

I love the fact that Alicia and Collin met online, it’s completely refreshing to hear her talk proudly about it and it’s wonderful to see just how deeply in love they were!  

The awesome photographer - Martin Phelps was just incredible in capturing the the couples essense. Alicia was grinning from ear to ear the entire day and it was probably the nicest wedding pictures I have seen in a long time! Martin is very talented so check out his website as I would highly recommend him! 

Alicia and Collin, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day! 

Alicias review -

 "Harper was fantastic on my wedding day, she calmly made up my mother, sister and I and we all looked the best versions of ourselves with her skilled handiwork. The make up lasted for the whole day and was just what I wanted. I spent a long time researching make up artists as I didn't want to look too different or orange but Harper made me look like a film star. I am so grateful. (I booked through ByJodie who I wouldn't recommend so better to book with Harper directly as it takes out the hassle of the expensive middleman.) Thank you Harper!"



Harper Neer
Darren and Patricia

I loved Patricia's wedding day, even though it was a Midlands based wedding it really did have an international feel to it with Patricia being from Romania! Family there from Italy and Spain, all travelled to Birmingham for this wonderful celebration.

Patricia went for a classic bridal look with blush and lilac colours which complimented her skin tone wonderfully! She opted for a bright lipstick which was great as so little people are brave enough to do this on their big day but she looked beautiful as i'm sure you'll all agree.

I had the pleasure of working with Simon Brettell the photographer (Simon Brettell Photography) who captured the day wonderfully! Here are a few pictures taken of their wedding day.

Harper Neer
Emel and Oli

I loved Emels Wedding morning! I made up her mother and two bridesmaids and it was a real pleasure to be a part of her morning. Emel wanted classic bridal makeup and didn’t want it to look or feel heavy. Luckily that’s just my style and she was over the moon with the results as were the whole bridal party who said that they felt fabulous! There’s nothing more I enjoy as a Bridal Makeup Artist than receiving positive feedback and pictures from the photographer! Here are a few shots taken from Melanie Foster - 

Harper Neer
Your Pets Will Be My Friends..

So, I thought I would do a quick mention of pets as I come across them all the time at trials. Clients ask me all the time if I'm okay with animals being present, so let it be common knowledge that I absolutely ADORE animals and am more than happy to entertain crazy dogs, cats, snakes (yes... snakes. I held them too and loved it), rabbits, hamsters, reptiles... whatever the  animal I will more than likely want to be friends with them. Please don't hide your animals away for me! Although, I must warn you that there is a slight possibility I might be at your house longer than scheduled as a desperate attempt to make new best mates.

Here are just some of the lovely pets I got to meet..

Be warned.

Harper Neer
Zoe and Dan
Kate Lowe Photography

Kate Lowe Photography

I love sharing weddings that I have been fortunate to work with some lovely people. It takes a lot of talented creatives to make the perfect wedding and no doubt they all deserve the credit they get!

Being a bridal makeup artist means that I not only get to be part of the anticipation, nerves, excitement and joy of the wedding morning, but I also get to work with a wonderful team of people, all working hard to make the day as special as it can be for the Bride and Groom. It's always an absolute pleasure, especially when I get a heartfelt review post wedding!

Dan and Zoe got married on Saturday April 21st on the beautiful grounds of Pendrell Hall. The weather was lovely, the Bridesmaids were all such a joy and the whole morning was calm and relaxed with a lot of laughs and champagne popping! This was the biggest bridal party to date that I have done single handily with 5 Bridesmaids, the Bride, one Mother and one Mother in Law all in about 5 hours! Despite being super busy, everything worked out perfect and you only have to see the pictures to see how much fun everyone had.

Thanks to Kate for letting me share so many lovely pictures of the day. She's super talented so If you like her style visit her website