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The Bridal Trial And The Wedding Day

“On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful”
— bobbi brown

Lets face it, who wants to walk down the aisle feeling like they look nothing like themselves? My main importance is that you feel the best version of you. We are all different, some people love makeup, for others it might terrify you the same amount hair dressers terrify me. Either way, even if you don't wear a lot of makeup on a day to day basis, you will still maybe wanting someone to advise and help you feel beautiful without the need of copious amounts of makeup! I tailor this service to be about each individual bride to be. There is no right or wrong with how you should look on your wedding day except for looking and feeling like you at your absolute best!

People often ask me to advise what the most "popular" bridal look or what's the best lip colour to wear on the day. Often we go online and type into the search engine "bridal makeup looks" for inspiration and save pictures of pretty makeup but on people that look nothing like us or have been airbrushed to every inch of their lives! It's just not realistic and I can guarantee that if I tried to replicate an image a client has sent me, chances are they would absolutely hate it because it's just too much makeup or the eyeshadow is just too dark. If you were going to an event, would you all turn up wearing the same dress? No! Because we are all different and have different tastes, thank goodness! My point is, that there isn't a "classic" look. If you wear a wing liner and a bright red lip on a day to day basis then have them on your wedding day! If you don't usually wear eyeshadow, then subtlety is the key, or if you don't like the feel of foundation on your skin but want it to still look flawless then how about a tinted moisturiser with a concealer in certain areas to brighten the skin? Whatever the concern is, there is ALWAYS a solution!

The trial

Now, this is the most important part of the process. I like to do the trial around up to 4 months before the wedding day but it's completely up to you. This is a service tailored around you and no two trials I have ever done are the same! If you feel like you would like to have you mum, or sister or best friend there for a second honest opinion (because i'm never not honest!)  then absolutely feel free to! We can all have a cup of tea (or coffee for me) and chat about the makeup and discuss the big day. This is our first meeting and it's crucial for me that I see you with your everyday makeup on, so please don't remove anything before I get there! We sit down initially and discuss the day itself, the getting ready location, the timings, the bridesmaids and Mother of Bride makeup, I play with your pets (if you have any) and have a good chat about you and your likes and dislikes (about makeup and other subjects if you like) Don't feel embarrassed if you don't wear any or you don't know how to apply it, this is exactly why you have called me so let me do the hard work. I really do listen to what you have to say and take it all into consideration when I am doing the makeup however there are three points that I feel are really important to mention

  • No one feels particularly glamorous when they are in their own clothes and have their hair casually up or down so often (not always!) when you see your bridal makeup for the first time at a trial your initial thought might be.. "okay this seems a bit too made up". Now trust me when I say that I will never put too much makeup on you but again, everyone has a comfort zone! The idea is to imagine yourself in your dress, hair done up, prosecco in hand and feeling fabulous and then all of a sudden, you feel completely different. So bare that in mind!
  • It's just makeup. It's not permanent, it can be changed or altered accordingly! We have this need to say we like something to be polite because we don't want to offend even if we really hate it or feel uncomfortable hence my fear of being at a hairdressers because that's exactly what I do to and then run home and cry.  Just be honest. I'm not easily offended and I certainly won't feel upset because you would like something different! We talk it through and discuss what's worked and what hasn't. 
  • Look in a large mirror that's at least an arms distance away from you! Trust me, I see too many people at the trial literally use a hand mirror and hold it an inch away from their face and of course, they start to over analyse every imperfection on their skin (and believe me, I would know as I have acne scars and I do it too!) No one on your wedding day will be an inch away from your face aside from your new husband when he goes in for the kiss and lets face it, he loves you for you and will be staring at a vision in a wedding dress! So be kind to yourself!

On the day

About a week before I will send over a schedule of my time of arrival and the time slots depending on the size of the party. Yes, i'm very organised and hopefully that will fill you with confidence that everything will get done with plenty of time to spare! I come in the morning in a good mood, coffee'd up and set up my directors chair by the window. I'm rather unflappable and calm and follow my schedule to ensure everything goes smoothly! To this day I have never had a wedding morning which hasn't ran perfectly so rest assured. For bridesmaids I do tend to do a uniform look but I always tailor it to each individual needs as I am conscious and aware  that everyone is different. You will all look beautiful though and I even pop some glitter and gloss for the flower girls for free. I usually aim to have everyone ready at least 45 minutes before so there is plenty of time for photos and family time and I am even happy to stay until the very last minute for touch ups.

I welcome any questions, honestly even if you think they seem ridiculous because trust me, they won't be! Essentially you'll only do this once and It's really important to me that you feel happy and confident every step of the way so ask away, I will always be as helpful as I can.